Unbirthday Cakes & Pastries


A private home-based cake and pastry studio located in Cedar Rapids and serving the surrounding areas.

Passionate about rich flavors and superior quality, we only choose the freshest ingredients, from the seasonal produce to Callebaut couverture chocolate. We are dedicated to the discipline and quality of balancing flavor, texture, and taste in every product.


Business Quote

Our products will be made with love for the sugar arts, created with the imagination of a child, the structured and designed of an architect, baked with the knowledge of a chemist, and taste just like Grandma's.

Core Values

We are genuine, we value personal growth, we are foodies, and our job is our passion.

Personal Quote

"The meaning of life is to find your gift, but the purpose in life is to give it away."  - Pablo Picasso 


 What's in a name?

Lewis Carroll's descriptive words in her story, "Alice in Wonderland," is filled with imagination, color, creativity, and the uniqueness of the movies, new and old, that transport us to a world where the unusual is normal. This is me, if you can dream it I would love to create it for you. 

Valerie Underwood

Owner/Pastry Chef/Cake Artist

Valerie’s love for television and art never surpassed her fascination for cakes and pastries. Her interest in this field sparked at an early age while watching family members create cakes and bake from scratch. Valerie's military travels began to broaden her senses and palate in the dessert world and she then started to hone her skills, find her niche and expand her knowledge during the 20+ years in the culinary industry as a Pastry Chef. Valerie continues to learn and explore new techniques in every custom cake and pastry that is created.

As a cake artist, Valerie pulls inspiration from fashion, nature, architecture, animals, and photography. 

The uniqueness Valerie provides is combining her two passions of cakes and pastries to bring you a cake experience that stimulates your five senses. The beauty of any cake should match the flavor, texture, and bring overall experience of happiness to the life event you are celebrating. 

Mentors & Accomplishments


After serving in the Army she continued honing her skills while working in several Country Clubs and hotels on the culinary kitchen staff, where she found her passion for pastries. She refined her pastry skills during her employment at the Piedmont Driving Club in Atlanta, Georgia under Executive Pastry Chef Natasha Capper.


While in Atlanta, Valerie had the privilege to attend classes taught by Sebastien Canonne (The French Pastry School),  Michael Joy (Chicago School of Mold Making), and Ewald Notter (International School of Confectionery Arts), along with some of the most recognized names in the pastry world.


Valerie has been able to stay ahead of new trends both in the cake decorating and pastry world by attending events, such as the World Pastry Forum, Pastry Live, and has competed in America’s Sweet and Baking Show in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Valerie was the winner of the Theme Cake Category, "Wizard of OZ" in 2014.