Edible Art Facts

What is Edible Art?


Edible Art can be classified as any form of edible medium adornments that are placed on a cake to enhance it or it can be completely made of the edible medium. The most common types are Chocolate, Gum Paste, Pastillage, Wafer Paper, Fondant, Chocolate Plastique, Sugar Sheets and Sugar either pulled or cast.

Most of these you have seen on Pinterest , T.V., or in cake books custom in Cedar Rapids The ones you may have not heard of is Pastillage, which is a type of sugar paste icing that dries firm. Its make up is extremely similar to gum paste and like gum paste it can be molded or shaped by hand or imprinted. 

Chocolate plastique is malleable, yet sets firm and can be used to make hand-molded roses, cut out leaves, collars and fans.

Wafer paper is an up and coming new medium which is an edible paper, usually made of rice or potato flour. It is used to make flowers or edible fabric.

Sugar can be cooked and pulled to make figurines, flowers, and people. Once the sugar is hot it can be poured and cast into shapes to make sculptures. Hot sugar can also be blown to create an array of figures, flowers and other sugar items.

The creative possibilities are endless when using a little imagination.