Allergy Considerations & Cake Information


Allergy Considerations:  All of our pastries are produced in a small kitchen. We use nut, wheat, dairy and eggs in many of our recipes. We are open to providing gluten-free and dairy- free products if requested, however, we are not a gluten free facility. We will take measures to prevent co-mingling of ingredients, but there is always a chance of cross contamination. We do not recommend our products for our customers with Celiac disease, and those with extreme gluten intolerance should exercise caution.

We are a locally owned and operated small batch cake and pastry shop. Passionate about rich flavors and superior quality, we only choose the freshest ingredients, from the seasonal produce to the high-quality chocolate couverture. We are dedicated to the discipline and quality of balancing flavor, texture, and taste in every product. 

Our Italian buttercream is used on all our cakes. It is lighter and has a subtle sweetness and smooth, creamy texture in comparison to the American buttercream you are most likely used to. We can flavor our buttercream to your preference. Other alternatives offered at additional cost: cream cheese, salted caramel buttercream, white or dark chocolate ganache, mirror glaze or fondant.


Flavors are like colors, there are so many. You can decide if you want a simple or complex flavor, this is your cake, tell me what you would like. We can also "Mad Scientist" the flavor together.

How do we determine our pricing?

Prices will vary due to decoration and complexity of design and type of medium used (chocolate, sugar, figurine creation, sugar paste flowers). 

Sculpted, 3D and standing structured custom cakes start at $300, and additional prices may vary based on size, detail, and complexity.

Included in basic cakes is a festive message, along with sprinkles, chocolate decoration, buttercream flowers or textured buttercream.

Wedding / Custom Cakes

Can you replicate a cake I found on Pinterest, Instagram, etc.? 

If you found an image of a cake made somewhere, we can definitely use it to inspire your cake design. Please note that we do not make exact replicas of cakes (unless we have authorization from the cake artist) because our hands, tools and ingredients are different. 

There is a $50 fee for a wedding cake tasting, which includes 4 flavors. If you book the cake and a contract is signed to hold your date, that payment will be applied towards your balance. Bookings are on first come, first paid basis. 

Delivery fee is based on mileage of where the venue is from the studio.

We encourage you to place your order at least 3 weeks in advance. If you need it sooner, we might be able to squeeze you in, depending on our schedule. 

All orders are subject to sales tax.